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AI powered security testing for web applications

Traditional penetration testing can’t keep up with today’s agile DevOps environment and applications are changing rapidly. Alternatives such as vulnerability scanning are inaccurate with false positives and negatives.

By using artificial intelligence, we are able to more accurately test our client’s systems and on a larger scale than regular penetration testing. It’s about combining speed and accuracy, and staying ahead of the hackers.

Traditional penetration testing outpaced by today’s complexity

Penetration testers are forced to spend time on tasks such as discovery in order to make the test as accurate as possible, and identifying common vulnerabilities that are more easily detected using NIMIS.

Meanwhile web application security is becoming harder to keep up with as organisations are facing exponential growth in technology complexity. This combined with more attacks and attackers is increasing the likelihood of hacks and financial pressure on enterprises and their security operations.

Speed & Accuracy

NIMIS scales with the increased volume of tests required and the rapidly changing environments of modern enterprises, unlike manual methods. Powered by artificial intelligence, NIMIS removes the false positives and false negatives associated with vulnerability scanners and other automated tools. Leverage artificial intelligence at scale to deliver rapid discovery of high-risk vulnerabilities across attack surfaces.

“By 2025, machine learning will be a normal part of security practice and will offset some skills and staffing shortfalls.” Gartner, Top 6 Security and Risk Management Trends, 2018

Augment your security team with the power of AI and enable them to respond with greater confidence and speed.

Built To Scale

Self serviced through the web portal, Nimis scales with the number of applications that need testing and eliminates lead time and waiting on third parties to provide reports.

Augment Your Team

With a skill shortage and pressure to increase efficiency, the best products augment the in-house cybersecurity team and reduce smart people working on repetitive tasks that can be machine powered.

Leverage Machine Learning & AI

AI eliminates time consuming maintenance and use of pen test tools such as recording test sessions with web applications, customising scripts or maintaining configuration databases.

Why choose NIMIS AI

Improve Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Significant reduction in reliance on external consultants
  • Focus on exploit validated results, not sifting through false positives
  • Experts can focus on root cause analysis and things that prevent vulnerabilities from being created
Increase Efficiency
  • Test on demand with no lead time
  • Provide results to development teams within hours, not weeks
  • Access vulnerability status in real time
Improve Security
  • Test at the same speed that development teams release
  • Test all web applications
  • Test with the same coverage as a human

A Techstars company

NIMIS is a Techstars company, chosen as one of the Top 10 companies to participate in the first Techstars program in the Asia Pacific.

Microsoft support

Microsoft partners with Techstars companies to offer benefits to scale.

Daniel Johns, NIMIS CTO discusses the current challenges facing enterprise penetration testing & and the future of security testing

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