Next generation cybersecurity solutions
Penetration testing
Using artificial intelligence
Understand cyber risk, implement strategic management
Only advanced defences
Prevent advanced attacks
Security vs Usability, Have both
Security or speed to market?
Have Both

Your Security is Our Mission

Our mission is to secure the Internet.

We do this with NIMIS, an artificial intelligence penetration testing agent that provides accurate and up to date security assessments of our client's systems.

Using NIMIS, you are the first to know if there is a new critical vulnerability in your system.

Why Artificial Intelligence Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing is the gold standard of security assessment, but it hasn’t scaled with technology, a pentest can be out of date before the report is delivered. Bug bounties and vulnerability scanning scale but have a lot of noise, creating more work.

Artificial intelligence provides the accuracy of penetration testing with the scale of technology.

Reducing Your Risk

Continuous Assurance

Penetration testing is the best method to test the security of your systems. NIMIS provides you continuous assurance using artificial intelligence to pentest on demand.

Understand Cyber Risk

Imagine having the world’s leading penetration testing experts testing your systems at any time you wanted. This is what NIMIS provides.

Security @ devops speed

NIMIS can test as fast as your developers can code. Be the first to know if there is a vulnerability in your system.