Next generation cybersecurity solutions
Penetration testing
Using artificial intelligence
Understand cyber risk, implement strategic management
Only advanced defences
Prevent advanced attacks
Security vs Usability, Have both
Security or speed to market?
Have Both

Your Security Is Our Mission

Our mission is to secure our client’s information and systems using artificial intelligence based penetration testing to provide the highest levels of security assurance.

Why AI Based Penetration Testing?

Legacy tools and traditional defences are failing, this is why cyber incidents continue to grow. To defend against advanced sophisticated cyber threats you need advanced sophisticated technology.

Reducing Your Risk

Continuous Assurance

Penetration testing is the best method to test that your systems and software is secure. NIMIS provides you continuous assurance by automating penetration testing using artificial intelligence.

Understand Cyber Risk

Imagine having the world’s leading penetration testing experts testing your systems and alerting you to cyber risks. This is what NIMIS does for you.

Security @ devops speed

Don’t let security slow you down, NIMIS can test as fast as your team can develop. Traditional penetration testing is waterfall centric and can’t keep pace with devops or agile methodologies.