The current challenges facing enterprise penetration testing & the future of security testing

The explosion in technology growth means that the need to build and release technology is moving at an increasingly rapid pace. The challenge for security teams is to match the pace at which businesses now release tech products, the pace of development, and the increased number of attacks and attackers.

Penetration testing has been the gold standard in security testing since the 1960s, ever since the rise of networked computers. Skilled penetration testers have been studying the art of white hat defence, and the very smartest have been in high demand.

Today, we need another way. We need a way to scale the performance of the people to match the level of defense required. Today the problem is penetration testing provides a point in time snapshot and doesn’t scale adequately to suit the modern threat environment.

“Technology explosion, rapid changes and a shortage of expert pentesters is building to the perfect cyber security storm”

Key areas covered in the white paper:

  • 3 major trends and challenges enterprises are facing with penetration and security testing
  • 10 best practices for the future of enterprise security testing
  • AI augmented cybersecurity – what promise does it hold?

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