Penetration testing, or pentesting, is the best methodology technology companies have to secure their systems. It involves incredibly intelligent people discovering potential problems in a system, from a defined access point such as external to the company, and then attempting to exploit those vulnerabilities to prove that problems exist and should be corrected. The result of a pentest is a system or network that is resilient to cyber attacks.

Pentesting is the best way to demonstrate a system is secure however the strength of pentesting, the incredibly intelligent people, are also its weakness. The specific skill set of expert pentesters does not scale with technology.

The pace of technology development is outstripping the pace of security experts to pentest. Pentesting is best suited to waterfall development, it has not translated to devops and agile methodologies. Typically pentesting is performed at significant milestones such as annually or on first release. The result is a system can change many times between pentests, and these changes may leave an organisation vulnerable to hackers.

It is recognized by industry experts that the quality of a pentest is variable with the person or team conducting the test. There are some exceptional pentesters however this skill set is hard to find. The best pentesters are experts in their domain and a team of strong testers is required for multiple domains. An expert team is hard to find and in high demand.

Quality pentesting is the best method to test the security of a system but pentesting does not scale and cant keep pace with technology development. A scalable solution that can be used on demand is required.


What is NIMIS?

NIMIS is an artificial intelligence based pentesting system.

NIMIS overcomes the problems with pentesting by using artificial intelligence to automate pentesting. Features of NIMIS includes:

  • NIMIS draws on a vast library of tools and techniques across domains that no single expert pentester can achieve, delivering a higher quality pentest.
  • Pentesting can be performed at any time, matching devops and agile development practices.
  • NIMIS uses artificial intelligence and gets smarter with every test.

Automating pentesting has the benefit that large development teams can test at devops pace, and small to mid tier companies will for the first time be able to access expert pentesting.

NIMIS scales the best methodology for companies to secure their systems.