Steve Jobs I would rather be a pirate

Are you interested in cybersecurity? What about machine learning and AI? Can you code like a boss or have the background to get there? Does joining a Techstars company sound interesting to you? 

If you answered yes to these questions you may just be an agreeable type of person, could be a great fit in the team at NIMIS Cybersecurity.

We are hiring engineers with strong technical skills that think out of the box. To be successful you will need awesome team and people skills. You will also need a personality better suited to being a pirate than joining the navy. 

Our core values are audacity and tenacity. We are audacious in concept and tenacious in achieving our goals. If this resonates with you then email Daniel at careers<at> with a 1 page CV and tell us something interesting or unexpected that you have done that demonstrates you are audacious and tenacious.